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Alexis LiDonde

Research Assistant & Shen Lab Research Manager

Alexis LiDonde is a Neurolaw/Neuroethics Researcher who aims to improve the health of society by supporting the development and commercialization of conscientious technologies while advocating for better, ethics-based law and policy. She received her BA in Psychology from St. John’s University, focusing on Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Social Justice. During her undergraduate studies, Alexis’ research concentrated on reducing health disparities by producing data to support the development of stronger patient, provider, and system-based interventions to achieve health equity. Alexis has served as an Institutional Review Board Analyst for clinical trials at the Mount Sinai Health System and Contracts Specialist for biotechnology transactions at Weill Cornell Medicine. She continues to work at the intersection of science and law to indulge her passion for improving the health of society. At the Shen Lab, Alexis serves as Research Program Manager to support the goal of identifying and addressing the ethical, legal, and social implications of advances in Neurotechnology and AI. In her free time Alexis enjoys comedy shows, a good book, and quality time with family, friends, and her labradoodle: Fudge.