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Every story is a brain story, and every day these stories become richer as scientists across the world make advances in how we understand and treat the human brain. The potential implications are stunning. Brain science might allow us to one day reverse dementia, prevent addiction, reduce interpersonal violence, detect lies, and much more. But whether this promise is realized depends on the path that is forged from lab to law.

That’s where we come in.

The mission of the Shen Neurolaw Lab is to translate advances in brain science and artificial intelligence into better law and policy, and to identify and address the ethical, legal, and social implications of advances in neurotechnology and AI. We recognize that the promise of brain science must be balanced against the perils of premature and inappropriate uses.

We also recognize that to pursue this type of research requires community engagement, listening, and team building across many sectors. Read more about the Lab here and below, and see our roster of amazing Lab members past and present, and check out our Lab featured in an episode of the CBS show All Rise.