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What we’re discussing today comes from research done by the brilliant people at the Shen Neurolaw Lab.

CBS All Rise (March 14, 2021)


With many amazing people, I am helping to build the new field of law and neuroscience, and I examine the ethical and legal challenges associated with technological innovations such as artificial intelligence. In recognition of this work, I was awarded the Early Career Scholars Medal by the American Law Institute, one of two medals awarded every other year by the ALI. In announcing the award, the ALI recognized me as “a pioneer in establishing the interdisciplinary field of law and neuroscience.” More details are available on my CV and you can learn more about the Shen Neurolaw Lab here. (The photo above is from a profile in the Minnesota Star Tribune newspaper.)


I’ve spent much of my career in the classroom, teaching over 1,500 students since 2008. I’ve taught students at many levels, including high school, college, law students, Masters, and PhD students. I’ve taught at eight different schools, on a wide array of topics such as criminal law, law and neuroscience, bioethics, artificial intelligence, evidence, sports concussions, student frees speech, and more. You can read descriptions of my courses, if you’re a Harvard student you can enroll, and if you’re a student elsewhere you can look at the events page to learn more.


I still train and compete in the sprint hurdles, which I’ve been doing for over 30 consecutive years. I started hurdling in high school in 1993, and the photo above is from competition in 2022. I’ve enjoyed success both nationally and globally, winning 10 individual age-group championships in USA Track & Field Masters Championships meets, and placing 5th in the 400m Hurdles at the 2022 World Masters Athletics championships. As “Coach Francis” I’ve also had the pleasure of coaching in both Minnesota and Louisiana. You can learn more about my track and field career and see 30+ years of hurdling photos. And if you are interested in (re)starting your Masters track and field journey, come join us on the track!